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How to maintain your wool rug: 7 unstoppable tips

wool carpet made in Mexico

At Sancho Poncho, our rugs are handmade with quality wools. The production is done thread by thread, on a loom, according to ancestral methods. Our pieces are unique and require simple but regular care. We advise you to follow these 7 tips in order to care for your wool rug.

1.Remove the marks when the rug arrives

For practical reasons, our rugs are shipped folded. Upon receipt, gently unfold it. Since the wool is woven compactly, the rug is sufficiently dense and stiff. It will therefore take its natural form quickly. However, you can speed up the process by ironing the rug after placing a damp towel on it at medium temperature.You will find here an explanatory video: how to iron your wool carpet.

2.Pay attention to the pigments of the rug

Our pigments are 100% natural. No synthetic components are used in the manufacturing process. The white, gray and black tones are not tinted but come directly from the beast. It is important to avoid too aggressive detergents and products which could harm the pigments. Always use water and a mild soap. If you have pets, consider choosing a shade that matches their coat.

3.Remove stains from wool

Remove the stains from your rug with just a little soap and water. Always avoid over-wetting the rug. Gently rub the stain. You can place terre de Sommières (a fluid clay soil) on it and leave it to act for a few hours before removing it. If the stain does not go away, call a professional and avoid the washing machine which could warp the rug. Only small items such as cushion covers and bags can be machine washed on a cold “gentle” cycle.

4. Maintain your wool rug by dusting it

Regularly dusting your rug is the best way to avoid clogging. Shake it out periodically and make sure to keep the floor clean. In case of encrusted dust, use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush and clean it slowly and gently.

5.Avoid marks of furniture on the rug

Furniture can leave a deep and lasting imprint on your wool rug. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave your rug too long under a piece of furniture and to change it regularly to avoid stubborn marks. Also allow your rug to pass time without being placed under furniture.

6.Turn the rug over regularly

To maintain wool, avoid furniture marks, sun damage, and dirt, it is important to turn your rug over on a regular basis. It is best to do this as the season changes. This way, your rug will retain its shape longer and its pigments will be protected.

7.Prevent the installation of moths in the wool

Moths settle easily in wool rugs. The best way to keep them at bay is to regularly ventilate the room in which the rug is located and to keep it clean and dust free. Moths avoid cleanliness, movement and the sun. They also hate the smell of lavender. In case of a moth invasion, call a professional.

Sancho Poncho rugs stand up to time and everyday life. The quality of the wool and the weaving make our rugs stiff and prevent the corners from lifting over time. The colors are well fixed and are not likely to spill. The finishes are carried out with care and guarantee a great longevity to our rugs. By following these 7 tips, you will easily keep your wool rug clean and healthy.

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